Friday, October 27, 2006

Tips to handle labour pains

All first-time moms may be anxious about the birth of the new-born. Each women experiences labour differently. The intensity of pain depends on various factors like size and position of baby. One can never predict how the labour and deliver will go, but planning for the same can help ease labour.

Yogic breathing energises the mother and the child and helps control stress. Expectant mother feels relaxed. She also develops a positive approach to labour. It increases the stamina and vitality promoting and easy delivery with minimal stress and fatigue. Alternating between physical and respiratory exercises is essential to avoid tiredness.

During delivery it is essential for the mother not to lose her breath control during delivery. Lamaze breathing techniques are essential to be followed.

Meditation helps the mother remain in tranquil state abd makes her bonding with the baby easier. The chanting of vedic mantras helps the development of the brain in a positive way. Cross legged, half lotus and symetrical meditative postures have to be followed. Yoganidra is a systematic method of ensuring complete physical,mental and emotional relaxation.

Yoga relaxes the muscles and eventually our mind. The relaxation rejuvenates. This technique requires an few minutes and is very effective. However it is always recommended to consult the doctor before performing any of the yogic exercises during pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Prevent Dry skin?

A woman’s body undergoes changes in every stage of her life. Her hormones undergo changes in a phased manner. The color and the texture of the skin depends upon the diet and the environmental conditions. Diet plays a vital role as far as the skin is concerned. Avoid consumption of salty and sour food. Always add ghee to your food. It is recommended to take purgatives periodically.

If your skin is dry do not use much of soap as this drains the skin of all the essential oils. Instead of soap one can use a paste of green gram flour and milk. Honey is a natural moisturiser. Apply honey on the face and leave it for 10 minutes and wash of with plenty of cold water. This helps retain the moisture in the skin and leaves the skin soft and supple. Application of fresh Aloe Vera gel before a bath is also very helpful to prevent dryness.

One can practice the below given home facial method to keep dryness at bay
Use a mixture of glycerin, rose and sandal wood to open up the seat pores and bring the dirt to the skin surface and follow up with steaming, this also helps to increase blood circulation. After exfoliate the skin using a gentle scrub made of lentil powder, almond powder, tulsi mixed with fresh aloe Vera juice. Gently scrub the same in circular motion and wash off with plenty of cold water. Follow up with a pack made with mutant mitt with fresh aloe Vera juice. Keep the pack for about 15-20 mins and wash off with cold water. For toning up of the skin use a pulp of banana or apple. This toner makes the skin softer and supple.

Consume plenty of water to avoid dryness. Consumption of seasonal fruits and high fiber diet is also recommended. One can use rosewater to refresh the skin from tiredness.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hazards of Breast Cancer

The Awareness of Breast Cancer is very essentail among the women as the incidents of Breast cancer are steadily increasing. This is no longer a western disease but, can occur to any women. One in seven women is prone to Breast cancer although it is said that it is common only among older women.

Breast Cancer is a disease in which the cancer cells form in the breast tissues. Our body is made up of cells and the cell division occurs as required by the body. Sometimes the cell division goes out of control in a particular part resulting in formation of a mass of tissue called tumour. Breast Cancer orginates in the breast and is capable of ivading to the other parts of the body if left unattended. It is advicable for every women to conduct regular self examination after proper consultaion with the doctor. If there is any noticeable change the same should be notified to the doctor who in turn would conduct a detailed examination which may include a biopsy of the suspected tissue.

Some of the sysmptoms are listed below

  • Change in size and shape of the breast.
  • Unusual formation of a lump accompanied with or without pain
  • Bleeding from the nipple.
  • lump in the breast
  • pain in the breast bone.
  • swelling of arm
  • Unintentional weight loss.
  • Skin ulceration- at advanced stages.
  • Change in the skin texture on the breast surface.
  • Itching sensation on the nipple and breast.
  • shrinking or pulling in of the breast.

The breast examination should be done on the same day of every month. The treatment of Breast Cancer depends on the stage of detection of cancer.

Listed are some of the risk factors that could influence breast cancer

  • If a close relation in the same bloodline has cancer then the risk of developing cancer increases. Hereditary breast cancer instances contribute to 5-10 percent of te total breast cancer incidents.
  • Older women are prone to breast cancer. Women who had started mensurating before the age of 12 are more prone to breast cancer sue to the longer span of exposure to estrogen.
  • Women who do not have issues are more prone to breast cancer.

Although the risks can never be eliminated one can take to healthier life styles to prevent the risks of breast cancer. Studies have proved consumption of low fat diet and regular exercising can decrease the chances of Breast Cancer.