Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty at its best - Simple Tips

Beauty at its Best

Balance your diet and drink lots of water.  Keep a bottle of water on your table that you don't forget to drink.  Follow a good diet regimen.  There is no harm in relaxing your rules indulging in scrumptious delicacies once in a week.

But detoxify your body later.  Have at least two cups of green tea everyday to detoxify your body.   Avoid junk food.  Instead eat a bowl of fruit or vegetable salad. 

Do not go for crash diets.  They do more harm to the body and cause mood swings.  Instead eat short meals at regular intervals.   Exercise is very important.  Start your exercises with slight warm up exercises.  Never wind up your work out session without stretching. 

Be patient when you start your exercise routine.  When stressed, breathe deeply for a while.  This helps  in relaxing your body.  Strike a balance between work and life.  Spend time with family friends and relax as much as possible.

Good skin care is essential.  Remove the makeup before you get to bed.  Maintain your hair clean.  Maintain good personal habits.