Monday, March 19, 2007

Manicure - Tips

Manus Cura(manicure) is the latin word for Manicure. Manus means hands and Cura means care. This has become an essential for today's mordern women. If you are doing it for the first time its adviced to get it doen from a pofessional.

Any manicure starts with the removal of old polish and trimming of nails. Regular manicures can do wonders for your hands. Gently push and trim your cuticles. Wash your hands with soap and water. Apply lotion and rub it in. Hand lotion is applied to the hands and massaged. Blood circulation is boosted and the muscles are relaxed too. Wipe nails once more with polish remover to eliminate residual lotion. Apply Nail polish. A base coat is applied on the nails. This works as a perfect layer for the polish to be applied. Once the base coat of nail polish is dry, its time for your favorite nail color. It must be applied with just 3 strokes and allowed to set before a second coat is applied. Nevert overwork the brush strokes.

An important routine in the manicure process is to soak the nails in a bowl of warm water to which is added some scented oil or nail cleanser. When the hands are thoroughly soaked, the nails are soft and ready to be cleaned and polished.
One can choose to pick up a home manicure kit and do it at home also. Ensure you get good quality set. Ensure sterilisation of the set after use. The best time to give yourself a manicure is after you have taken a shower or a warm bath. Your nails would be clean then and the skin would be well soaked.

A manicure done in a SPA can be reviving. The hands are exfoliated with essential salt and dipped in hot paraffin. The hands are hydrated with essential oils. This treatment would leave the hands relaexed and smooth.