Monday, April 19, 2010

Smoking Harms Fetal fertility

Here's another reason why to-be moms should kick the butt — smoking during pregnancy can harm their unborn son's fertility later in his life, say scientists.


A new study, published in philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B journal, has claimed that how a woman looks after herself in pregnancy could have a major effect on her unborn baby's ability to father a child.


According to them, smoking and exposure to pesticides and traffic pollution all do more harm in the first weeks of life than in adult body – in fact, damage inflicted in the womb can be permanent.


This could be because exposure to toxins in the womb cuts the number of certoli cells, highly specialized cells needed to " nurse" young sperm through to maturity during a man's adult life, the Daily Mail reported.


To reach this conclusion, experts, led by Richard Sharpe of Edinburgh University, evaluated studies from around the world on the effects on male fertility factors such as smoking and exposure to chemicals.






Courtesy : Times of India, Chennai Times, 20/4/2010


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