Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is Binge thinking?

Stuides have revealed that 75% of women aged between 25 and 35 over-think.  We just need to realise that just because we have negative feeling about a certain situation it does not mean that it will turn negative. 

Worrying about a situation that is not in our control is a simple waste of time.  The more we start focussing on negative emotions we fail to see the postives before us.  Worrying simply blocks our thought process.  Worrying of something that happened in the past  and brooding over it is of no use.  Instead take the failure as lessons learnt and focus on the future which is actually in your control.

When you tend to think of negative situations try and divert your mind off by doing something that you like.  It can be reading, playing, cooking listening to music.  Many research sshows that just 10 minutes if distraction clears your mind and reducess stress.

Watch what you eat.  Do not skip meals.  Do not substitute your meals with coffee or tea as you are busy worrying about a situation.  coffee or tea will only worsen the situation and make it even bad for you.

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